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Minimum contribution for an offset is $1.00. Terms & Conditions.

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CO2 emissions for your journey are calculated using current international standards and costs go to support offset projects across Asia.

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How does carbon offsetting work?

As planes fly, they burn fuel that releases greenhouse gas emissions, such as carbon dioxide, into the atmosphere. Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to neutralise these emissions and reduce their environmental impact. A passenger’s carbon offsetting contribution goes into purchasing independently verified carbon offsets, and this supports environmental projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere or prevent future emissions from occurring.

Where you will make an impact

100% of your contribution goes towards verified carbon offset projects across Asia. These projects are independently accredited and meet rigorous standards to ensure they make an impactful difference to our planet.

Rainforest Preservation

Rainforest Preservation

Preserve vital rainforests in Indonesia, protect endangered species like the orangutan, and support the development of local villages.

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Solar Power

Solar Power

Build solar energy projects across India that generate renewable electricity and support the sustainable development of local economies.

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Cleaner Cooking

Cleaner Cooking

Help distribute efficient, clean-burning cookstoves that reduce smoke pollution and the associated health risks for villagers in Nepal.

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Frequently asked questions

Carbon offsetting allows individuals and businesses to reduce their environmental impact. By purchasing independently verified carbon offsets, travellers support environmental projects that remove greenhouse gas emissions from the atmosphere (such as planting forests) or prevent future emissions from occurring (such as replacing a coal-fired power station with a wind farm). One unit of carbon offset represents one metric tonne of greenhouse gas emissions reduced or removed from the atmosphere.

We have calculated the emissions for each Singapore Airlines flight, and as a passenger you can offset your share of these emissions. The emissions for each flight are calculated on a per-passenger basis. Once you offset your flight, the equivalent number of carbon offsets will be purchased and retired by TEM in order to balance out your share of the flight’s emissions.

Singapore Airlines only purchases carbon offsets from projects that are verified at the highest international standards and are either already compliant or finalising compliance under the Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation (CORSIA) which is governed by the International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO). Projects are verified by an independent third-party like the Verified Carbon Standard Program and the Gold Standard who ensure each project meets strict criteria to deliver measurable and permanent emissions reductions additional to a business-as-usual scenario. Following compliance with the relevant third-party, the project is then issued with carbon offsets, each with a unique serial number. For instance, if the project demonstrated a reduction in emissions of 1000 tonnes, they would be issued with 1000 carbon offsets. Once Singapore Airlines purchases carbon offsets from a project, they are then retired, ensuring the offset cannot be traded again, and completing the carbon offset cycle for the traveller.

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About Tasman Environmental Markets

Singapore Airlines is proud to partner with Tasman Environmental Markets (TEM), Asia Pacific’s largest carbon offset provider, to achieve more sustainable flights for our customers. TEM is providing SIA with its BlueHalo® climate technology which instantly calculates and offsets the emissions associated with a customer’s journey. TEM’s verified CORSIA-compliant environmental projects deliver life-changing benefits to vulnerable communities at home and abroad. TEM is a certified B Corporation, certified carbon neutral by Climate Active and signatory to the Australian Carbon Industry Code of Conduct.