Solar Power

Build solar energy projects across India that generate renewable electricity and support the sustainable development of local economies.

Located in:

  • Pavagada, Karnataka  - India
  • Bhadla, Rajasthan - India
  • Bodhare, Maharashtra – India

Solar energy projects across India produce clean, renewable electricity where power would otherwise be generated by a fossil-fuel fired power plant.

Solar power is clean: it produces no emissions and therefore eliminates the local air pollutants associated with fossil fuels. Electricity availability in the regions have been improved, reducing the occurrence of blackouts. The projects empower national energy security and support the sustainable development of local economies. The increase in local employment by people engaged as engineers, maintenance technicians, on-site operators and security guards also boosts local economies and village services. Importantly, the project developer donates portions of its revenue to the community to invest in technological resources for education and healthcare. The projects offer local communities financial diversity, improved living conditions and supports the development of a brighter future.

- Over 815,000 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions prevented each year.

- The projects employ graduates in engineering, commerce and science and have implemented a mentoring program to enhance their skills

- A portion of revenue generated from these projects goes into supporting local access to healthcare including child health with check-up clinics and healthy nutrition education for families.

Sustainable Development Goals: